My only Child, Rebecca Jane


This lovely lady is my only child, Rebecca. I’m not including her last name for privacy’s sake. She is also the mama of Esme Morgan & Baya Juliette ( aren’t those names amazing ?). I refer to her as “mama”, because that is what the twins still call her- and sometimes me as well. How sweet is that? I discourage them from calling me mama because it seems to upset my daughter. So I remind them who is who.

This year they are in public school for the the first time and seem to be thriving in this new environment. It is also the first time they aren’t together in the same classroom and they are thrilled about it. Turns out they had a large case of of sibling rivalry brewing & these changes were just wha
t they needed. Rebecca is so happy with her net found household peace and quiet. It is working out for every one.

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