Pricilla Leaves

Wednesday morning was like every Wednesday morning. Woke up late. Stiff as a board. Climbed over Ziggy the bulldog to get to the bathroom, after putting off getting out of bed as long as possible. Feh. Getting older bites the big one.

Knew the security buzzer would go off by 1:00PM sharp. It was still Wednesday. I really wanted to go back to sleep so badly, but knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Now it was 1:15pm, and I started to get worried. Pricilla was never late. By 1:30PM My mind was going through the dreaded possibilities. She tripped in the shower and was unconscious. Had a car crash and was wrapped around a telephone pole.

One of her beloved cats had died. She was having seizures. Her baulky furnace exploded. She froze because the damned furnace finally gave up.

No phone call from her. No text. She was a great and devoted texter, and would text me if she was going to be 5″ late.

Finally I called the agency she worked for, and asked to speak with her cousin, whom ran the place. I was told she was on the other line, but would call me back. I said, Please, as soon as possible. This is urgent.

An hour later B called me back. Pricilla had taken an emergency leave of absence for at least three months. Maybe forever. Not to worry, she have another CNA for me by Friday or at the latest Monday.

No one seems to get my point. Pricilla and I had what I thought was a relationship. I’m missing her and angry with her at the same time. Why couldn’t she have told me she wasn’t coming back? Im feeling abandoned. By a woman who came to my home three times a week for more than a year. We laughed together everyday, and more rarely, shared tears &


So my trust has been shattered and I’m rethinking what it means to have a private duty nurse in my life. I can’t do without one, but just how ‘close’ do I become to the next one?

I mean, not to say goodbye to me really hurt.

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