At The Rhode Island DMV

My third trip to the RI DMV only will bring me to a fourth. My dear daughter gave me a check to pay for the kings’ ransom this tiny miserable state demands to register a six year old vehicle, transfer an out of state title, and pay the 7% sales tax.
Which on a $6,000 crappy Saturn Ion is $420. Now I bought this bucket of bolts two years ago but never drove it for medical reasons which I’ll spare you. But I wasn’t spared. Add on roughly $200 more for penalties of not paying the tax fast enough.
My basic question is this: with outrageous financial practices like this going on at the DMV, why is this state bankrupt?
Probably because after waiting in lines for 3 1/2 hours, I discovered they wouldn’t let me pay for anything at all with my daughters’ check. Not unless our last names were the same or we lived at the same address. Which are a no and a no. And the genius couldn’t even calculate the taxes & penalties for me. Nope. Pointed me to the department of taxation in the corner.
Where I was asked for the Bill of Sale. I explained I don’t have have one, but no one had asked for one before. Well she said, you’re not going to get your Title without it. Even, asked I, after paying almost $700? That’s right, she snapped back. Because you see, I said, I’m doing all this to sell the (Goddammed) car. Well, she said, you can’t do that without the RI Title and you’re not getting one of those without a copy of your Bill of Sale.
I need a drink. A Valium. An automatic weapon. Actual armed police patrol through the RI DMV constantly and I know why. They’re looking for people like me who are so frustrated they’re bright red in the face and have tears streaming from their eyes. They don’t even offer you a tissue at the DMV, or say Have a Nice Day.
They know when you get home you’re going to get in bed after calling in sick for work the next day. Or just not get out of bed period for the next couple of days. It’s that bad at the RI DMV.



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